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Business Incubator for Space Innovation @ Johns Hopkins University

Our Team

Multi-disciplinary | Motivated | Committed

Christos Panagiotou

Aerospace Engineer: Space and Tech | Multidisciplinary R&D | Business (JHU MS Engineering Management, '19)

James Shamul

Biomedical Engineer: Serial Entrepreneur | Elon Musk Fan | Biomedical R&D (JHU MS in Engineering Management, '18 | JHU BS BME, '17)

Annie Hou

Biomedical Engineer: Event Management and Logistics | Graphic Design | Admirer of space and all of its wonders (JHU MS Engineering Management '19 | JHU BS BME '17 )

Rutvi Shah

Operational Research & Risk Management: Business Development | Investment & Finance | Entrepreneurship (JHU MS Engineering Management, '19)

Angela Groszos

Mechanical Engineer: Space Technology | Community Leader | Curious about the limits of Space (JHU BS MechE '20)

Benjy Monteagudo

Biomedical Engineer: Space science | Looking into careers in space exploration and space medicine (JHU BS BME '21)

Our Mission

Launch Hopkins into the NewSpace Age

Our Partners

We aspire to bridge JHU researchers with global space leaders to help start-ups innovate and grow in the new commercial space.

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Built With Launchaco